Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Noah's Term 3's Reflection - Makey Makey

Last term we made a virtual gameshow on Scratch using Makey makey. We had to make a game that could be almost like Family feud, we worked in groups of 3 or 4, in my team was Mitchell, Kyron, Simon and I. We had a choice to make either a band, a game that is suitable for a disability or simply a Game show. The Yr 7 & 8 extension group were very lucky to have the help of OMG tech and Zoey (A worker for OMG tech) The focus for the term was "Guardians of the Galaxy"

The game show got harder and harder because we had less time every week, we started making positions for the team and where to set up for the presentation, if people wanted to play they would have to have two people, then we would make a buzzer for the people to push when the question was said.

We used play dough for our buzzers, and used crocodile wires to make the buzzer play the sound that was selected on the computer. I enjoyed learning how to use scratch and Makey makey.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Noah's 2nd Niuean Language Week about Wind Instuments

After the incredible Niuean performance Mr Jacobsen (Assistant Principal) came on the stage and brought out a few instruments with him, he said that there were lots of wind instruments, and that you had to blow it like a rasberry. The instruments he had were a Conch Shell, Shofar, Bugle, Trumpet and a Cone.

He first grabbed the Conch Shell and said "Instead of shouting to a nearby Island they would use a Conch shell. Next he used a Shofar, it was a antler that was carved into a horn and it makes quit a good sound. After that he introduced the Bugle, the Bugle was used in the war Especially WW1. One of the prefects then ran up on stage and put a cone next to the trumpet. Mr Jacobsen put the Bugle back skipped the cone and started to explain the trumpet.  he then tryed to play the cone but it did not make a noise.

Noah's Niuean Language Week

Fakaalofa lahi atu It's Niuean language week!  Today at assembly we celebrated the Beautiful Niuean Language. We had an Amazing performance from the Niuean Group, First the Speakers that introduced the Item were TJ, Lomio, Trinity, Juliana, Rosalina and Judah. They all said there names, there mother and father and told us where they are from.

The music started and the girls went up and the boys slowly moved to the back, the girls did an outstanding dance and there were actually more Niueans this term. after the girls finished the boys came forward and did there Niuean Haka, after they finished they all sat down and the boys do there haka.