Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Splash Splash Splash

Racing through the gate entrance, I am keen for a swim especially in the hot weather, with the sun beaming down on our skin heating our body's. I take my t - shirt off and grab my googles, my brothers already jumped in a head of me for a swim.

The water felt refreshing and cold, we had an awesome time doing handstand competitions and seeing how many flips we could do underwater. The hand stand comp was to see how long you could hold your breathe under water, we did Oldest to Youngest, so my mother went first, she started and her score was 11 seconds, then Jordan (my brother) he unfortunately scored 7 seconds, then it was time for me, I started to breathe heavily before I started, I held my breathe for 24 seconds underwater and did a perfect hand stand formation WOW! Then it was time for my little brother Toby he scored 13 seconds which placed him 2nd. So the winner was ME!

As I dipped my head under the water it felt like I was floating in space like an astronaut, Fact: There is know gravity in water, it disperses in proportion to your weight. (In other words) Heavier objects sink faster, lighter objects sink slowly or don't sink at all. It was the perfect time to swim because as soon as we got in the car to go back home it started to rain heavily, we started the engine, and we were off.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

3 Short Story's with Noah - Holiday's

Image result for kaiteriteri bridge
     Furious Tide 

1. As I pushed forward through the Furious Tide,
    my legs felt the water surging powerfully against my skin,
    My teeth gritting every step I take.

    Leaping off

2. As my eyes scan the water for a spot to land,
Image result for Greatest showman    my feet grip on to the ledge, take a breathe,
    3...2...1 SPLASH!

   Waiting for the start

3. Sitting down in my set shaking in excitement,                                               
    waiting for the musical movie to start.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Stuff I do on Christmas Day (King Chakata)

Noah's King Chakata Ting from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

 I didn't know what to do so I made this video

Part 1 Biscuiting

                                     Image result for inflatable biscuit                                                  

As I slid through the water on an inflatable Biscuit, water sprayed in my eyes and I could barely see.
Have you ever been on a inflatable biscuit before? It looks a lot like the picture at the top of this piece
of writing. It is a inflatable raft that holds a portion of people at a time. in my family we have two biscuits
and they are similar to the one above the writing.

At the end of 2017 in the Christmas Holidays we had the chance to take our new boat out for a spin.
we had a boat before, but that was bad quality and wasn’t good, so my father decided to purchase a new
boat. As we walked down to the water and sat on the ramp we couldn’t see the boat insight,
so we sat there and waited and waited, until finally we saw the new boat speeding towards us.
Dad tied the rope to a hook under the motor so that it will pull the biscuit forward, Toby,
Camryn and I were the first to hop on and to test out the biscuit.

“Ready… 3..2..1”
Remember to keep a look out for Part 2