Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Monday, 16 October 2017

Noah's Immersion Assembly Term 4 (Musical Madness)

Immersion Assembly! We have started this term off with a kick, the term topic for the term 4 is “Musical Madness” The day started out fast as Mrs Tele'a ( Team 5 Team Leader) said the notices quickly so we could get to the hall ASAP (As Soon As Possible); In our school we have five teams, they are Team 1, Team 2, Team 3, Team 4 and Team 5. We got to the hall and Mr Burt was standing on the stage with some teachers singing this terms song (Musical Madness saves the day) The song ended and Mr Burt shouted "Team 1!" and the Assembly began.

Team 1: All the teachers got up on stage and sat around a table they decided to play Snap! (Card Game) then they started playing music, they played different kinds of music to see how the music made them feel, some were happy, scary, funny and sad.

Team 2: One of the teachers sat on the stage and played the ukulele, then all the other teachers started to walk on stage with different instruments that made sounds.

Team 3: After clapping for team 2's item Mrs King(Team 3 leader) stood up and said"For this term Team 3 are going to be learning how to create music on a Imac or flat screen, as soon as she sat down a movie started playing and the teachers created a movie, Songs in real life.

Team 4: The screen got blurry until we could see the movie, they had all of them playing music and singing, it was funny because at the end of the movie you could see Mr J dancing.

Team 5: All of the Yr 7&8 students were waiting for Team 5 teachers to do their item, Mr Wiseman and Mrs Tapuke pretended to be a mum and dad that had three daughters, they all sat on the couch and watched lion King The Circle of life then they changed the music to many other types of music, some were happy, scary, funny and sad.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Noah's Laser Tag Experience

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Hello Readers, how is it going? Are you having fun in the school holidays, well I will be writing          to you about my experience about LASER TAG! Laser tag is a game played with friends and family; you have suits and guns, the guns shoot laser beams out from the front of the gun and the vests that you wear have sensitive targets on the front and back of your vest, and also shoulder targets aswell (You will see the gun and vest on the top right hand corner)

You would have probably guessed by now that I went to laser tag with my Family, and that it was awesome and had so much fun. So back to the story, As my mother drove out of the Pakuranga Plaza carpark, I was so excited that I didn’t stop talking the whole ride to our destination. We finally got there, told the lady at the desk that we were going to be playing Laser tag/Laser strike for an hour, after that we were told to follow an instructor where he told us to wait and watch the screen telling us boundaries things that we are allowed and not allowed to do.

Then the doors opened and we were told to put on vests it didn’t matter which colour you had it would change unless you asked for it to be changed, the man played this voice recording of this lady saying “Game will Start...NOW!” As soon as I heard that message the music started playing and I ran to a corner to sneak attack someone.(By the way we had four rounds but I’m going to skip 3 of them) the game went on as we shot each other, points got higher, people came and left and the place got so hot and Smelly (Like B.O Smelly) on the very last game this new family came in and had lots of kids that would stay in one big group, so it was a easy target. So there you have it hopefully you can go to Laser Tag because trust me with heaps of friends and family it is Magnificent!

If you do not know where to go then look on Google Maps or here:

Paradise Ice

Screenshot 2017-10-11 at 5.50.22 PM.png

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Noah's Flounder experience

Image result for kauri flats schoolFlounders made us walk down to Riverside Ave; Today were catching flounders not to eat but to farm! Where are floundering in partnership with Kauri Flats school who are also catching flounder.
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Pt england walked down to Riki road to catch some flounder, we sang 3 Himene (Hymn) and said a Karakia (Prayer) Mr Burt also said another prayer for safe journey and a good day. Cant wait to see the flounder grow and get bigger.